Healing Grace


Healing Grace

Jesus Education Health
  • Weekly Home Visits
  • AWANA Discipleship Clubs
  • Building Healthy Family Clubs
  • Leadership Training
  • Additional Tutoring
  • Preschools
  • Future Leaders/University Students


  • Medical Care
  • Health Awareness
  • Food Distribution
  • Doctors Dedicated to the Villages

Village Transformation

In 2006, Healing Grace saw the need to reach out to the next generation of Egypt.  Most ministries weren’t focusing on children, waiting until they were in their mid-20’s or early-30’s to reach out to them.

We began mobilizing the church and engaging individuals in providing for their needs through a child sponsorship program in Cairo.  We started with 35 children in one neighborhood of Cairo, but in September 2009, Healing Grace expanded into rural, impoverished villages in a key region in Upper Egypt where the ministry took on the larger role of village transformation.  We not only wanted to meet their physical needs, but saw the greater need to engage in their spiritual, social, and emotional development.  We decided to shift our focus to the holistic
development of children and their families.