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  • AR My Nine Year Old Mentor

    Date posted: يونيو 30, 2014

    AR Guest Blogger: Chris Brad, the 50 year old leader of our group looked me in the eye and sternly said, “If I tell you to get on the bus, get on the bus.” Ten minutes later his voice rose above the noise as he said, “Get all the Americans inside right now.” And the somewhat […]

  • AR The Rock Throwing Girl

    Date posted: يونيو 26, 2014

    AR Guest Blogger: Eva Our mission: to make a home visit to encourage ten year old Nivine, an angry rock throwing girl, who beat up the other kids for making fun of her for wearing hearing aids. Her confidence was shaken, so she wanted to prove she was better. She had become so angry that she […]

  • AR Welcome!

    Date posted: يونيو 23, 2014

    AR Welcome to our new blog!   We are embarking on a new adventure and hope you’ll come along.  We don’t know the twists and turns that it will take, but we know that we want you to be a part of it.  In this blog, we hope to share stories, challenges, and funny moments.  We […]