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  • AR Impressions

    Date posted: نوفمبر 9, 2014

    AR Guest Blogger: Barry One of my strengths is that I am futuristic and I usually look for connections between what happens today and the possible impact that can have on the future. There are several things happening in Egypt through Healing Grace that give me confidence about the future of Egypt and a kingdom impact. […]

  • AR Defeating the Giant

    Date posted: نوفمبر 4, 2014

    AR For generations, communities and families and individuals have been told it isn’t possible.  They’ve been told they aren’t good enough. They aren’t capable enough.  They aren’t worthy of the resources required.  Education won’t change their circumstances.  Their futures won’t change.  They can’t be changed. As this message has been passed down through generations, the belief in its words […]