Healing Grace

The Rock Throwing Girl

Date posted: June 26, 2014

Guest Blogger: Eva

Our mission: to make a home visit to encourage ten year old Nivine, an angry rock throwing girl, who beat up the other kids for making fun of her for wearing hearing aids. Her confidence was shaken, so she wanted to prove she was better. She had become so angry that she made trouble at family gatherings and her mother refused to take her anywhere. She was banished from any social life to the house forever like a misunderstood princess in a fairytale.

Walking to Nivine’s home in the village, I pictured a big bully of a girl, angry and loud, defiant to her parents (probably even holding rocks in her hand ready to throw at us). Walking into her house we were met by a petite child, quiet, and still. Was THIS the monster child I had pictured? She was not able to hear us as she was putting drops in her ears and could not wear her hearing aids for two more hours. It was a comedy of errors trying to negotiate deaf Arabic (very loud Arabic) to our Arabic translator and then to English.

Sitting and talking to Nivine yielded a wealth of information. Seems that all Nivine needed was a reminder that God’s grace was made perfect in her weakness (2 Cor. 12:9). Her village leaders had taught her much about the Lord, and she just needed a refresher course. We left her knowing that the Lord made her perfect in His image, and He loved her beyond measure. She was the only Nivine in the world that had been created beautifully and wonderfully with special ears. And the children that didn’t understand her special ears needed special understanding. They needed kindness and patience on her part. And she completely understood. Love can do amazing things.