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Can I sponsor more than one child?


How many children receive sponsorship within one family?

One child is sponsored per family.  There are a few exceptions based on special needs, but typically, the youngest child in the family is sponsored so that we can support that family for a longer period of time.  Although only one child is supported, the entire family receives benefits.

How long are children sponsored?

Children are sponsored until they are 18 years old.  If they choose to attend university, sponsorship may be extended through their university career.

Will anyone else be sponsoring the child I'm sponsoring?

No.  Each child only has one sponsor.

How can I write to my child?

You can send a letter in one of three ways:

  • Website: Fill out this form, along with your message, and it will be sent to our team to print, translate and deliver, or
  • Email: You can email us here and we’ll print, translate, and deliver it for you, or
  • Postal Mail: You can mail a letter to us at:

Healing Grace Ministries
PO Box 2126
Rockwall, TX 75087

With any option, please make sure you include your child’s name and code somewhere on the letter or email so we ensure it is delivered to the right child.

May I send gifts to my child?

Yes.  Sponsors are encouraged to send gifts to their sponsored child.  You can read the complete giving policy here.

Will I hear from my child throughout the year?

Yes.  You will receive letters and an updated picture from your child one to two times per year.

Can I visit my child?

Yes.  You are invited to visit your child anytime.  Contact us to arrange your trip.

Where do the children live?

The children live in villages ranging in size from 2,000 to 40,000 people.

What percentage of my sponsorship goes toward administration?

We don’t use any of the sponsorship money to cover administrative costs.  We continually trust the Lord to provide those dollars in other ways.  All of the sponsorship fees go directly to supporting the sponsored child and their family.

Do I need to re-sign up for my sponsorship each year?

Sponsorship is an ongoing commitment, so we will not contact you to re-sign up each year.  The children are sponsored until they are 18 years old.  We would love to have you sponsor them as long as you are able.  We understand, though, that life circumstances don’t always allow for sponsors to continue for that length of time.  We keep you listed as the sponsor until you contact us and cancel your sponsorship.

Do you require a specific commitment length?

No.  While we encourage you to sponsor your child through their 18th birthday, we understand that life’s circumstances change and that occasionally means ending your sponsorship before that time.  We consider it a great blessing to have you sponsor your child for as long as you are able.

What happens to my child if I am unable to continue sponsorship?

Your child will be put at the top of the list of children needing to be sponsored to ensure they continue receiving the support they need.

What do I do if I need to cancel my sponsorship?

Contact us with the name and code of the child you need to discontinue sponsorship.

Could my child be removed prior to their 18th birthday?

Yes.  A child may be removed from Healing Grace for a variety of reasons:

  • Moving
  • Leaving school
  • Receiving support from others
  • Becoming financially stable
  • Declining support
  • Marriage
  • Death
Does my support actually benefit the child I sponsor?

Monthly records are kept for every child to ensure that they are receiving the holistic care we have committed to providing.