Healing Grace


Date posted: November 9, 2014

Guest Blogger: Barry

One of my strengths is that I am futuristic and I usually look for connections between what happens today and the possible impact that can have on the future. There are several things happening in Egypt through Healing Grace that give me confidence about the future of Egypt and a kingdom impact. I am a strong believer that capable, Godly leadership can have the single greatest impact on a person, family, neighborhood, village, city, country and world. There is evidence that Healing Grace is providing opportunities for this to happen at several levels. I am encouraged by the growth of leadership in the Healing Grace staff. We (the board) conducted just over a day of leadership development for the staff in Upper Egypt. The interaction of the participants through Q & A sessions, skills practice and one-on-one interactions is evidence that they are growing and hungry for more. I was very encouraged with what I experienced.
Another strength was AWANA. We were able to observe an AWANA meeting in one village and see nearly 100 children extremely engaged in this program. I am of the belief that this doesn’t happen without capable AWANA leaders. Not only do the kids get to have fun and learn, but they also get to see strong leadership modeled to them.
The last piece of evidence is the most obvious. The ministry is growing. Goals are being set and goals are being achieved and in some cases exceeded. This usually does not happen without a strong group of leaders. I am impressed with the knowledge, talent  and dedication of the team that is leading the overall ministry.