Healing Grace

It did my heart good…

Date posted: August 31, 2015

Guest Blogger: Sandra

I have been sponsoring Mina for almost 3 years.   Last year two women from my church visited Mina and took pictures for me.  It did my heart good to know they had been able to love on him for me. This year when the opportunity arose, I decided I wanted to go there myself and meet him and his family. It was truly a blessing from God that Mina lived in the village that we visited on the first day.  I was able to visit in his home and meet his parents and little sister.   I was so impressed with the Healing Grace staff and how they took care of our needs while we were there.  It is evident they desire to serve the needs of the people in the villages. It was great to see firsthand the impact we can have on their lives. God is doing great things in Egypt and what a blessing to be a small part of it!