Healing Grace

New Gift Policy

Date posted: February 1, 2016

We have the best sponsors!

In fact, you’re so great, that we have run into a problem in the US. Until now, we have invited you to send physical packages to your children. People traveling to Egypt carried all gifts. The volume of gifts, however, has grown so large that it takes months for us to transport the gifts. As a result, we are adjusting our gift giving policy.

What Can You Mail?

  • Envelopes no larger than 8.5” x 11” and ¼” thick
  • Letters, photos, bookmarks, stickers, and other paper-type goods.

Is there any way to send my child a gift?

Yes! Through the sponsorship portal, you are able to send a financial gift designated for a specific purpose (birthday, Christmas, or medical).  We will use the complete amount to purchase a gift in Egypt and deliver it to them within one month.  This will not only reduce the amount of time it takes to get to your child, but it will ensure they are receiving gifts that are beneficial and enjoyed, as well as are culturally appropriate.

Are there giving limits?

Yes. The gifts are an encouragement to the children, but we want to make sure we aren’t stirring up jealousy or building dependency. Anything outside of the limits will be added to the general Christmas fund.

What are the gift limits?

  • Birthday:
    • Minimum – $10
    • Maximum – $100
  • Christmas:
    • Minimum – $10
    • Maximum – $100
  • Medical:
    • There is no minimum or maximum.  All medical gifts will be added to the general medical fund and used to support the greatest needs, unless you know of a specific need for your child and it falls within our guidelines to support it.