Healing Grace

The 3-Month Gap

Date posted: August 10, 2017

Twice a year, sponsors receive letters from their sponsored children.  These letters are written out of a deep love for the sponsor. The children want them to know all of their news because they know they are the ones who have chosen to care for them and they want them to be proud. We hope the letters give each sponsor a small glimpse into the impact they are having on their lives.

One question we often receive from sponsors is, “why does it take three months to receive my child’s letter?” We thought we’d give you a look at what and who is involved from beginning to end.

1 week: Material preparation (copying letterhead, preparing lists, and delivering to village staff) is led by 1-2 Communications Coordinators.

3-4 weeks: Letter writing involves every child (currently more than 1,800), 65 village staff members and 6 supervisors.  The staff work one-on-one with the children to write their letters.

1-2 weeks: All letters are returned to the main office where 1-2 Communication Coordinators verify the letters are complete. They then determine which letters need translation, coordinate translators, and distribute the letters and lists to translators.

3-4 weeks: A team of 10-15 translators volunteer their time to translate each letter.  Each translator averages 80 letters.

2 weeks: A team of 3-4 native English speakers confirm spelling, grammar and formatting of translations.

1-2 weeks: Cover letters, envelopes, inserts, updated photos, and letters are prepared for mailing by 1-2 Communication Coordinators.  

1 week: Anxiously waiting for mail to arrive.

A lot of time is put into these letters, but it is easily one of our favorite parts of the year.  We laugh, cry, are encouraged, and challenged by what the children write to sponsors.  We can see their love pour out on the paper and are grateful for the opportunity to send them.