Healing Grace

The Quarry

Date posted: September 5, 2014

As you make your way from the desert road to the city of Minya, you can’t help but pay attention to the clouds of white.  At times it can look like a snowstorm has come through.  Other times, it can look like something you’d imagine in outer space.  The stark white stone, trucks piled high with limestone bricks, and the dust-covered workers are hard to ignore.  They spend their days in the hot sun, quarrying the white limestone bricks.  Safety measures are few.  The labor is hard.  But the pay is good.  In comparison to a farmer who earn $2-3 per day, the $7-10 earned in the quarries is enough to draw people to work in these harsh conditions.  Within Healing Grace, we have 54 fathers who work in these quarries, not to mention the brothers, uncles, and neighbors who leave every morning in hopes of being hired for that days work.

Just two days ago, an article was posted online about these quarries.  You can read more, as well as see pictures, about these quarries here.

As the article references, child labor is a big problem in Egypt…especially rural villages.  Poor families struggle to survive on the small income brought in by the father and so sending their children out to earn a few extra pounds is tempting.  They often go to work in farms, the quarry, or other small jobs throughout the village.

In Healing Grace, we are working with the families to help them understand the long-term benefits of education over the small-term benefits of child labor.  Not only is child labor difficult, these work environments have been sites of sexual abuse as well.  It is through sponsorships that we are able to support families basic needs, allowing the children to attend school, and reducing the number of children who are sent out to work.

You can help children walk away from these situations through sponsorship.  Find out more about sponsorship and how you can make a difference here.