Healing Grace

What does my sponsorship provide?

Date posted: June 28, 2017

Whether you are considering sponsorship or have been sponsoring children since Healing Grace began, it is important you understand what monthly sponsorship provides.

First, we take ZERO dollars for administrative costs. Yes, you read that correctly.  Nothing is taken to cover salaries, office supplies, or anything else.  We have been blessed to have the Lord provide those funds elsewhere, so we can dedicate 100% of your giving to your child.

Monthly records are kept for every child to ensure they are being served in the areas of Jesus, education and health.  While it may ebb and flow from one month to the next based on their needs, our team makes sure the full $360 is spent for every child each year.  Here is how it breaks down in a given year:


  • Monthly food packages
  • Extra food packages for Christmas and Easter


  • Easter Clothes (Sponsored Child and Sibling)
  • Christmas Clothes (Sponsored Child and Sibling)


  • School Supplies
  • Private Tutoring


  • Weekly AWANA Clubs (Book and T-Shirt)
  • Annual Children’s Conference


  • Annual Check-Up
  • Basic Medication/Medical Care
  • NOTE: Critical/Extensive medical needs are not covered by the monthly sponsorship.


  • Unique Family Needs (house repairs, kitchen ware, bedding, etc.)

Every year, the program team reviews the previous years’ breakdown.  Exchange rates, program effectiveness, needs, and opportunities are all considered to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely and effectively for your child.