Healing Grace


Water2Egypt-300x228By providing clean, filtered water through our partner church in each village, we are able to help improve the overall health of the villagers as well as reach the community for Christ. In Matthew 25, Jesus calls us to meet not only the spiritual needs of people, but the physical needs, as well.

Water is readily available in Upper Egypt, however the sources of that water are contaminated with sewage, various unhealthy minerals, and poor distribution. Because of this, many of the villagers suffer from kidney and liver disease as well as hepatitis B and C. By providing filtration systems capable of cleaning up to 700 gallons of water an hour, the villagers will begin to understand and realize the benefits of clean water.

Currently there are 19 filter systems in operation in Egypt.  Our goal is for each filter to be used as another Gospel tool. We work closely with Healing Grace and the manufacturers to resolve any bumps along the way. We are very excited to be working with local Egyptian pastors to better their communities and to better their people while still fulfilling our ultimate goal: To share Christ and clean water in Egypt.

Visit www.water2egypt.org for more information.